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Experience the new way to browse with the newly designed user interface.

Nightglow is an iPhone / iPod Touch web browser application.

YouTube video is available
[ YouTube ] Nightglow PV ( 46 sec )

Fixed Tab System
Nightglow is a very useful tab browser because of it's fixed tab system. The tabs with favicons are always displayed on the main screen so you can quickly switch between them with one tap.

With the fixed tab system, you can also open links, bookmarks, search results and more in a new tab without losing your current webpage.

The fixed tab system is very easy to use.

Try it and experience it for yourself.

History view
Tap and hold the back or forward button for about 2 seconds to view history. Each separate tab remembers it's own history. If you close a tab, the history from that tab will be deleted. You can also access the history through the Search/URL button.

Brightness Filter
Changing the brightness of your screen never got easier.

Nightglow has a brightness filter control built into the interface so you can change the brightness filter strength without having to close the browser.

Minimum brightness filter

Medium brightness filter

Maximum brightness filter

Basic Access Authentication
Nightglow has Basic Access Authentication so you can access web sites that requires authentication.

Loading Indicator
Displays in percentage how much the web page has loaded. It also comes with a stop button.

Search Engines
We have brought the search to you. Nightglow has Google search, YouTube search and Wikipedia search built into it's interface for easy searching.

Other Functions

Nightglow has the standard functions of a web browser.
  • Browser manual
    Nightglow is easy to use but if you need help, a manual is included.

  • Bookmarks
    Be able to add, delete, edit and rearrange bookmarks.

  • Homepage
    Set the home page to your preference.

  • No Auto Rotate
    The vertical layout is used. The screen will not auto rotate no matter what position your iPhone / iPod Touch is in. Now you can be in a comfortable position without having to reposition your iPhone / iPod Touch.

  • Etc.
    • Email URL links to friends and family
    • Rearrange the order of the tabs

Screen Contents

And more ...
We are currently working to add more features to Nightglow. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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